The Forgiveness of Sins

A Six-part Study Series:

Many believers have questions concerning the forgiveness of sins of past, and then their sins of the present, and yet future sins.

Now consider these examples of questions concerning forgiveness of our sins and forgiveness of the sins of others toward us.

  • A man received Jesus Christ as His Savior and was rejoicing in the knowledge that his sins forgiven. Lately, however, he has become conscious of certain sins creeping back into his life. With this he has the haunting fears of an angry God, these are torturing his tender conscience as he wonders if God still accepts him.
  • A Christian wife has a husband who is an alcoholic. Early this morning, he came home drunk with a major dent in the family car. He is sorry but she knows, if she forgives him, he will just do it again. What to do or how to react?
  • An old woman sits alone in a large, empty house. Years ago, her family hurt her very deeply. At one time she wanted to forgive but they have never acknowledged that the offense ever took place. “How could they have done such a thing,” she asks. Now she awaits death in the bitterness and cynicism that overshadows her.

The above examples are more all too common among Christians. There’s countless similar cases being lived out every day in their homes and church groups.

Let’s attempt to answer these questions in this series.